Last Friday, after a short set up and some socializing with other people exhibiting in north London’s Jealous Gallery, I was ready for the evening. First viewers appeared just after opening at 7.30pm. Lovely and open atmosphere, friends and free drinks made the evening buzzing. Among other exhibitors were a painter, illustrator, print maker and merchandise seller. Very lively crowd strolled around the gallery full of interesting prints and paintings too. It was a great chance to meet people of the local community.

At around 8:30pm Jack Cheshire, musician and singer-songwriter performed a solo gig, promoting his last album.
Thanks to everyone for coming and to Jealous Gallery staff for organising it. I appreciate all the feedback, especially the eager one – a little girl who run and touched Night Abstract print (my heart skipped a beat), but also made me flattered that it produced such lively reaction 🙂 The conversation at my table was so intense, we did not notice the fair has ended and gallery staff started cleaning out!

Doors to Perception was pointed and commented on as one of people’s favourite, Erotic found a new owner, congratulations for securing the first print of this limited edition of forty five only!

I am looking forward to next Barboot, the information will be posted on the blog, so please check it out for updates.




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