By The Thames

By The Thames photo has been made one winter night in London, UK. Calm and soft water surface is reflecting the lights above like ice, creating a spectrum of colours and contrasting with the rough and dynamic construction of the bridge. Man creations versus nature and the battle over the supremacy are emerging from the […]

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Shape and form strike again in Erotic. The delicate erotic tension between the two subject are shown in this study of emotions and texture. The closeness is emphasized in their position, tight framing created the smooth S line, softly curving and descending to the black background in the middle of the picture. The subject on […]

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Doors to Perception

Inspired by American rock band The Doors and Aldous Huxley’s „The Doors to Perception” from which the band took the name) this image is bringing the theme of mystery and unknown. Carefully chosen London spot at night time, when no crowds around, the shot was taken using long shutter speed and a lot of patience. […]

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Welcome Everyone!

My name is Kat Ciemiega, I am a London based photographer with a passion for abstract and light painting. The new website has just come up online. Here is the description of what you can expect in each section: Gallery for exploring the images. Each photo has a brief description and interpretation  of the idea […]

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